Tuesday, December 09, 2014

CIA Report

With this damning CIA report, I thought I would go through the archive and find some images of the Bush admin.

I did a couple of images for an imagined Tarot card deck that had W.Bush as the fool walking off the edge into Iraq. You have Gitmo as the Tower card, incorrectly I made Rumsfeld the devil card and Cheney the Hermit, based on the way he was always hidden from view like the Emperor in Star Wars.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Japanese Cultural Centre Toronto

Located on Bloor street, the Japanese Cultural Centre has a library and is close to the ROM. They have rotating art shows and have something to check out. I was there recently and although I was let down that the prints on display were not real woodcuts but poor digital copies, I found they had selected some interesting monster images and made some sketches all the same.

I love the weirdness of this 'Ass face' guy with the balls as nose, you just don't see that. It is interesting to imagine how restrictive western art would have been at the same era.

Sure you have your Aubrey Beardsley but that is pretty underground in its era
Ha! I remember my cousin having this picture with a suite of Beardsley images screen printed onto mirrors in his room.

This was a detail from a complex Japanese wood block print, I liked the hand was rising up in the sun rise and a different scale to the other information.

Here is a link to the cultural centre if you want to check them out.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Urban Architecture Circa 1997

This is a drawing I gave a friend of mine back in 1997 before I drove around North America for 3 months. Back then, as I am still, I was very interested in old buildings, disused buildings and the way that light would play on them.

I lived in the area of Queen and Sherbourne and it was a lot rougher then, most everything was derelict (please no Zoolander references) and even the hoarding that was up around abandoned lots advertised business and investment that had clearly gone bust 5 plus years earlier.

The images from that time were based on observations gleaned as one of the unemployed (who had no need for subways) wandering around Queen, Richmond St, Adelaide and over to Temperance Street around the (at the time) defunct Bay Adelaide centre.

Man the city has changed quite a bit, that long afternoon light appears in less spaces as there is so much more development.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Out Drawing on Bloor Street Before Getting Soaked

As always, a long pause from making posts, and never a great reason except the drawings and art making are few and far between.

Anyhoo, here are a few drawings I made the other night at Mark Laliberte's art hootenany held at the Rustic Owl over by Bloor and Dovercourt.

The last time I did any drawing I was interested in making marks on old paper so I tried that with this old cerlox bound ukelele book in French my mom used to use as a teaching guide. I have accepted that although I am 43 and prime for learning uke at an evening event in a coffee shop, this holds little interest for me, let alone in French, so surplus paper with musical context galore. 

Mostly I was clearing the cob webs and chatting with Mr.Larry as per. 

Rustic Owl is a great place with sandwiches, yes they are yummy but no beer it being a coffee shop, so to that end, to 3 Speed I went to quaff a beer. Lots of people, but holy fuck, so much plaid. I honestly was trying to remember if it was Kurt Cobain week on Discovery Channel!

I was doing this fast drawing from the bar in the dark and the more I looked the more the plaid would reveal itself, this defacto clothing item on guys and they always look like they need a wash. 

Anyways, that beer took up enough time for me to leave and get uber soaked from Dufferin all the way home on the bike. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sketches from Creative Writing course this past summer

The summer seems so far away, and yet there was a time I rode my bike without a jacket to UofT for a terrific writing course for Graphic Novels, by Toronto based artist, Willow Dawson.

The class was amazing, the variety of what people were doing was so great, and I still had some time to do some stylized drawings...

Please check out Willow Dawson's website, she is about to launch her new book, 100 Mile House.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Social Media Darling

Here is a Little Shot that Olex sent me after the artist project.

Look at this kid! If I held Annie the whole time I am certain more people would have stopped by the booth.

Thanks Olex and Danaka for coming by the booth and for sending me this great shot!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Found Some Drawings From 2006

Trying to clear out some junk, and you know with me that is a major feat. But as they say, live in hope.

I tried to clear some stuff from the file cabinet and came across this pamphlet from 2006 when I was in London, UK. I went to White Chapel gallery which is at the end of Brick Lane, an incredible immigrant portion of London.

These drawings were made on the tube and I must have been passing Black Friars at the time.

Weird, I would have never remembered even doing these drawings but now that I look at this woman reading the paper I actually have a vague memory of this person, being in the manky tube. 

This show, Inner Worlds Outside, was full of outsider art and had images by current art darling, Darger, the Chicago janitor cum Art genius post 1970s death.

I love the cover image, it is at once Victorian and Cycladic at the same time, by Francis Picabia, definitely not an art outsider for reals.

Here is a close up of Darger's intense paintings of the Vivian Girls as they fight their epic battles.

Some of the artists in the show were also Madge Gill (a Clairvoyant), Dubuffet, James Ensor (Belgium's Famous Painter!!!yes, you TMBG fans) Miro and Adolf Wolfi. A real mix of established and outsiders who dealt with some similar issues.

here is that Wolfi guy, I like this image too.

If you wanna learn more about outsider art,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outsider_art   you can find a lot of artists to check out.

Its kinda a tricky thing as so many of the people who profess to be outsiders are part of the mainstream art world, obviously not your Darger types who are penniless insane hermits who get discovered after death.   Dubuffet, a "artist" coined the Art Brut or Raw Art term and that applied to the art of the insane, prisoners or naive artwork he collected. In today's 'nothing is really alternative' world, outsider art is kinda a genre- in this one man's opinion.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Week to Go!

The Artist Project opens in about a weeks time, where did all the time go?  I think I will be ready though.

Here is another new image I have a small sample of at the show

We are getting ready, if you plan to attend, please drop by booth 119.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Saatchi competition

Yes, the In Glorious Colour completion on Saatchi, could it have a cheesier name? No. Will I ask you to vote...yes, it closes tonight.


Here is a different crop, as shot in 2008 with Canadian Living, by Mr. Fantastic himself, Stacey Brandford ( no, he doesn't have greying temples or stretchy arms but he really is a great guy ) 

The submission is just a small portion of the negative as shot with a Yashica twin lens, I was trying for something I had more control over the focus, it's a very different effect from the Holga.

Thanks again to those who vote or take the time to look.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Finally printing some Holga pictures from 2013

I like the feel of this piece, I feel a little lost, it reminds me of being a kid-amusement parks are so overwhelming and stimulating.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Drawing/ Illustrations

Flipping through a lot of old illustrations, there is a real elegance to the line work in old drawings. 

A guy from OCA would say that is due to pen and ink of the era and he might be right. Good ol' Roark, actually he really liked ink and brush if memory serves- our teacher just loved him, I think he used to blush.

I was looking at this drawing and I love not only the font for the word, but the way this drawer communicated the idea of "correspondence section", passing a letter
, A Boys Own Magazine circa 1915.

You are always welcome to come to the studio and flip through it yourself, standard fee applies: a coffee from the Jet.

Monday, February 03, 2014

These Two Jokers

Just took in the Warhol show at the Dali museum the other day in St. Petersburg...Andy is like Tupac, he is releasing more material dead than alive, and in Andy's case, that is an accomplishment.

Also, we have been listening to a lot of 60-70s oldie stations and hearing the power of Diana Ross' voice, amazing really. 

So, with those 2 in mind, I happened to notice this picture as for another Warhol show back in 2006 ( I guess he was dead for about 20 years at that point) as I was flipping through an old copy of Modern Painters at the studio. 

Still, there was some interesting sketches  at that Warhol show I saw, but you can't help thinking, especially in a Dali gallery, it's all about the money. 

Maybe with art that doesn't matter, to paraphrase a Diana Ross song, as long as it touches you in the morning.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Upcoming work for The Artist Project

I shot a bunch of work this summer with the Holga camera, some of which was on the water or just rural Ontario.

This picture is from Lake Magnetawan, the water there had a great amount of pond lillies, by the edge where it starts to be still. We went for a canoe ride and also found these melon shaped plants below the surface of the water, interesting but not necessarily something to photograph.

I have been using a variety of old film in the camera, about the 2003 vintage when professional photographers started dumping film en masse and I would be getting these left over rolls from people who had made the leap to digital. I think this is Kodak 100T, T for colour balanced for tungsten lighting. Everything is super blue to balance out the yellow of indoor lighting. This is yellow orange due to the scanning and I think I love it. 

So I am trying to get a bunch of work ready for The Artist Project which is February 20-23, please try to come by, there will be a few hundred artists of different stripes.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Florida Toll Booth

 I stopped to pay the toll and get my receipt, the guy working the booth was probably about 25, but in that 38 second transaction there was an entendre. There was a mutual head nod.

 I  looked at this guy and thought, this guy has this tough job in a night shift but he seemed like a nice kid, his forehead had a few big scars but he had this honest face with a wry smile.  These drawings don't really translate, I drew them many hours after I got home.

Yet again, I have pulled out the Wacom Inkling, this is the pen tool that allows you to draw in your sketchbook and then transfer your drawing into a digital file to manipulate in Photoshop or Illlustrator. The software is buggy and there has not been an update in 2 years as far as I can figure but it is a pretty neat device. 

The software prepares a mini movie of how the drawing was created, stroke by stroke, but it doesn't have a way for you to save it. I was going to make another movie using VLC for some other drawings I have made but I can't figure why the damn thing will not work and it is 5am.