Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30th 2006 sketches

A couple of drawings with Pentel markers, I got from Leslie Kriekle in 1997 maybe.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Shadows are so mysterious, so melancholic.

For me, these shadows speak about the east end of the city, the end of the day as everything elongates.

Somehow there is a sadness in it, like the day being drawn to a close, an unfulfilled promise.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

From My Archives...(recent work 2003-4)

I went routing around the hardrive today, not really sure what I was looking for, but in the end, I came across a whack of images shot in panoramic with the Hasselbad x-pan, a true 35mm panoramic camera.

The first two shots were taken during Purim celebrations at the Minsk Synagogue
in Kensington Market.

This last image is, I guess, a fairly common image of Pride parade in Toronto. This was shot around Younge north of College. Looking at this obscured man in the hat and the frame carrier, it looked to me like I had been waiting for Henri Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photographic Finds

Went to an collectable and hobby show for old cameras.

My idea was to get an (yet another) old camera or maybe find something for my girlfriend. In the end, i ended up getting really taken by a booth which had stereoscopic photos from WW1 and some old photos from the 30's to the 60's.

The first two images here are daguerreotypes of two men who I wondered if they were rogues, upstanding men or peasants- or all of the above perhaps.

All the stereotypes I picked up were related to either WW1 or the Boer War. There were hundreds of images of destroyed buildings, craters in the french countryside and US g.i.s pracitising drills.

The pictures from the 30s and later seemed more touching to me as we know that more than likely these pictures, which were taken in a personal capacity have all come to sale as people passed away. Surely, almost all the people pictured were already deceased, seemed almost a bit morbid to be dealing in other people's memories.

Lastly, it was a bit creepy but I had to pick up a couple of mug shots from the early 40s, this guy looked the most suspicious of the bunch.

Oh sure, you had a regular assortment of leather necked somewhat brutish looking youths but this guy, Hersch no less, had a real air of professionalism about him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Protest Song

This series of images were taken 2 days after the Iraq war started. March 22nd, 2003 an anti-war rally was organised in Toronto and that is when I discovered that the opposite of war was not in fact peace, but anger, rage, and a litany of jingo-istic catchy slogans on placards. The first image being the case in point.

What does this image really mean? It is obvious what it implies, but if you really dissect this image, does it imply these people in power believe in a Hindu good luck symbol? That is no more silly then their alliance to the third Reich, or gasp....Are they part of the emerging fourth Reich???

whether it was creepy riot police with their own slogans like " leave the area immediately, Tear Gas will be deployed" " think of your children, leave the area" to people getting children to hold up their ideology, slogans, a massive ad campaign.

All a bit much really, so I thought till OCAP came and made the protest violent...Wasn't this an anti-war (thus anti-violence) protest? I thought as pieces of 2x4 hurled through the air, fell short of police and hit other protesters.

Odd to me was a sign saying that coke heads should not be president....Should we do away with social and rehabilation programs?????? what was going on in this weird crew?

I just got the hell out of there, and had a nap.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The streets of San Francisco

These shots were taken much earlier this year, I guess around late February or early March. I had been working for the same place for about 5 years and i just had my falling down moment, i just bought a ticket online one night and then on a sunday called in and said i would not be coming in on monday, actually not at all as i was going to california 'to sort some things out..."

Who the fuck sorts out things in california? " I just want to sort out my fake tan... my excessive tribal tattoo or how blonde my hair is..." -these are things you sort out in CA.

San Francisco was my first stop, I liked biking around the city, i mainy stuck to the flatter streets and i know that makes me a cop-out but i just had a few days.

Anyways, with my Holga, I shot these panoramic images in the core of the city. I had just rode into this area and i felt pretty hyper trying to keep up with a crew of cyclists and couriers.

I felt so Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver!


So, I have been going through my ongoing and on-growing catalogue of images, where I came upon this image of Chris, taken with my 4x5 cambo camera. This shot was taken in the back of Jet Fuel, difficult enough just to get it back there,let alone shoot for a couple of hours.

I bumped into Chris just the other day. We went for a drink at Sweaty Betties and he is the Bartender. On the cold and windy night we visited him, he treated us to wine and very generously poured whiskey.

Our man Chris.

Post October

The month of October seems to have slipped through my fingers with narry a update on this blog, a serious problem!

So, for the past few months I have been doing a large amount of Photo-Assisting, it is a strange job at times: there has been times where i was being paid to colour in a colouring book that was to be included into a shot; picked leaves off of autumn trees as the fake leaves we brought looked too "fake"; held a strobe light outside of a plane on the tarmac at 1am to get light along the windows to having a photographer sit on my shoulders in a vineyard before the light disappeared.

Here, is a small sample of the average day on the shot:

Here I am, holding a colour correction card in front of yes, a trampoline, the benefits of a catalogue shot. In between shots, i had a couple of good jumps and a light relaxing snooze in the Dora the Explorer version.

It maybe hard to see me, but there i am holding on to the photographic equailvalent of a parasail: Foamcore. This item is important to cut down on reflections on shiny objects like cars, but man when that thing catches the wind, its 4x8 feet of hang time.

I thought I looked a bit like that image of 'kilroy was here'

And lastly, those fashion product shots are not all serious affairs.