Friday, August 10, 2007

Imaginary Cabaret and Spiegel cast

Old people in the front reading ancient books

These people were hard to believe. They had seats right at the front, before the show they argued like crazy while gesticulating madly at this canvas bag, which time revealed, was full of dusty books.

Books so dusty that the guy with glasses blew away what he could in a dramatic flourish.
I really thought they would have had pickled eggs in the bag.

What do I know?

the Drummer

Da Da Dahling

More musicians

the Rumoli Bros

The Piano has been drinking and sleepin'

brad, le M.C.

the bassist

Brad reads the paper

Bass and Trumpet

a couple of characters


This has a Toulouse-Lautrec feel, i think

Oh, the Ladies.


Dave, he picks up panties

Noah the Producer/trumpet player

encore le M.C.

Le M.C.


Well, here it is.

After painting and drawing the people of the lovely Spiegel Tent and Tavern on several occasions, i have put down the brush and putting some images online.

If you had a chance to check out the show, you probably enjoyed the quirky production.

Of course, i thought it would be more an ode to the Weimar Republic. So, no Joel Grey no Liza Minelli but equally fantastic.

Velcom unt beinvenue, Hallo to Cabaret...unts da Spiegel.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Alley at Night

Late Night on Granville

Sometimes its nice to get drunk with a camera near you. Sitting in Barney's the local bar near 14th on Granville, i drank a fair quantity of booze and figured it was time to get on the street for some air. Amazingly it was not raining.

Something about shooting at night with black and white, it always seems seedy, possibly surveillance footage-which is great.