Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Need to reframe this

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another page, another sketch

Waited for 15 minutes on the Broadview streetcar before it left, I started sketching this guy and he ended up running out and getting a different streetcar that left sooner, I could not figure out when the next ones but it gave me time to sketch, when he left I noticed he was wearing slippers. Slippers: for a comfy night. 

Sketches from TTC

A rare night out and coming home on the TTC to see the people going about their biz. So many headphones.  

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Beach

I hung this picture up at Rooster in the East End if you are around Broadview and need a coffee and to look at a picture of a beach in black and white.

Sketches for New Graphic Novella Story

I say new story but really this has been plopping around in my head since about 2003?

Well, lets just say that it is definitely after Nelly's seminal 2002 hit, "(its getting) Hot in herre"

So with that non sequitur in mind, here is the video

But enough of that.

This story is about seeing photographs of Lee Millar at the Getty Museum. Basically, being the best at anything she touched, despite the photos being 70 years old, they hit me in the face like a brick.

A real Satori moment, where I started to connect the dots between Lee Millar, the Getty's controversial Kouros boy, Ayn Rand's The Fountain Head and the stunning Betty Page-esque visitor to the exhibition. Lets be clear, this may have been an imagined enlightenment but it held for like 18-20 hours, till I was snapped out of it by another photograph.

So, to celebrate the bewitching seductive power of the photograph, I offer you some quick water colour sketches....I know, Right?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Airport Cafe

Again with the waiting, this time waiting on a plane.

Love playing with a fat tipped marker, lots of edges to draw with especially when you have the right kind of paper.

Waiting Room

I saw these people about a month back, would have preferred to use the inkling digital file to post but the dang thing doesn't work, I had to order a new battery...we shall see.

looking at this now my interest in drawing the central character exaggerated her scale. I really liked the way that guy on the left was leaning back, he looked like he should be on a porch somewhere- like he had been sitting there for days.

I guess that is how you feel sometimes in a waiting room, might as well be comfy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Throng of men at the Airport

These guys looked like they were having a last meal together, definitely the end of a trip or an experience together, all seemed a bit worn around the edges.

Automatic TV Sketching

I was watching Annie Hall, haven't really seen it in years-the movie depressed me more than anything else.

After much stress, drawings from Atlanta

A simple thought: I'm up why not scan some sketchbook drawings. 

Foolish idea. 

As it turns out, if its 4 in the morning and the scanner isn't working, you really are lacking the capacity to trouble shoot the thing. 

Or you can, but it will take you to almost 6am. 

I digress, here is a picture of my brother working on some files in Atlanta in April

Thursday, April 23, 2015

February 27th, 2015

Quick sketch of woman slumped in the subway for warmth. Bloor this line 2 now?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Multi-coloured cold coffee drinkers

With the relative warmth of early spring these people look so incredibly bundled...especially if you consider that they were indoors. Again, with the Faber-Castell markers. But the paper is too rough so you can just feel the nib of the marker being needlessly destroyed by the paper's tooth. I know, use a different sketchbook, but whatever it was there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sketching on the Street Car

I was drawing a few months back some afternoon on the College Streetcar. I have had this tiny sketchbook since 2007, I think it is a DeSerres. I use it, misplace it, forget it, find it, get annoyed with the paper quality and do some drawings in it.

Late February Sketch

I was holding this mini sketchbook while waiting for a prescription, just noticed how many products line the shelves at your typical Shoppers, it is crazy. Also, there is a sale on Immodium... i'm thinking when you need that stuff, you gonna buy, sale or not.