Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Covers For TCAF Application

Made these book covers for my Toronto comic art festival application form, These covers are slightly altered to give an example of the kind story telling inside them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Took Me By Surprise!

I got an email back from the fine people at The Artist Project (which I will be part of February 20-23/2014) They mentioned something about my work on the website, I went to look at what they were talking about...This was a nice surprise to see!

Still working on new work for it as well.

All the galleries have not yet been loaded to their website, I will make a link later so you can see the variety of artists who will be there for 2014.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upon Seeing My Painting Again

We went to a friend's house for a great dinner a few weeks back, this piece is theirs now, from my 2011 Loop gallery show, Life Lessons.  Looking at these characters again, I was struck how the central character reminded me of one of my mom's strange Moroccan wives tales. 

The story is about, on the surface, about a woman who can't stay home, even naked because she is a busy body. But on another level, I think the story was about female sexual curiosity. 

Amazing how you paint something, and with time another layer of meaning comes through, even to the artist. 

Anthropomorphic Work

There is a new show at the Gardiner Museum about animals, I hear these bad boys are going to be there.

The Gardiner Museum

Comic Book

Finally getting some comic books finished, some of them are little 8 panel ones, I hope to have those done in the next week.

I really have to thank Willow Dawson, Graphic Artist par excellence. She is a Toronto based artist who taught a terrific class at U of T this summer, I took it and I think it has really pushed me to get some of my work to cross the finish line.

Please check out Willow's work

As for my comics, I will post them as they get printed... here is a tease, panel 1 from my mini comic- Immigrant Fathers Are Drama Queens

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Peace in the Valley 2013

Swing City

This is a piece from my Loop Show, Quixtopia, yes I made up a word for my show. I was thinking about the castles we build in the sky (utopias) that are utterly unattainable. To be clear I DO NOT mean  the way the Star Wars gang were seeking a safe haven in Bespin cloud city. More the way a white haired psychic in Calcutta said to me, " you make all these castles in the clouds, and, (imagine sounds of the traffic dying down at this point) when you come back to reality, you have no more energy to put these plans in action...."

heavy man, heavy.

Swing City, watercolour on cotton paper, 22x30, 2013. 

This piece was very influenced by original Spiderman cartoon.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Art at harbourfront

Saw this piece by Marigold Santos on the weekend, terrific stuff.

I chose to load this pic as Annie kept getting in the way of the other painting.

Very large and engaging work.

The show is called other worlds, all the work is strong.