Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Urban Architecture Circa 1997

This is a drawing I gave a friend of mine back in 1997 before I drove around North America for 3 months. Back then, as I am still, I was very interested in old buildings, disused buildings and the way that light would play on them.

I lived in the area of Queen and Sherbourne and it was a lot rougher then, most everything was derelict (please no Zoolander references) and even the hoarding that was up around abandoned lots advertised business and investment that had clearly gone bust 5 plus years earlier.

The images from that time were based on observations gleaned as one of the unemployed (who had no need for subways) wandering around Queen, Richmond St, Adelaide and over to Temperance Street around the (at the time) defunct Bay Adelaide centre.

Man the city has changed quite a bit, that long afternoon light appears in less spaces as there is so much more development.