Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11th, 2007 at Kintaro

This is a great place for home made ramen noodles in Vancouver.

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Friday, October 12, 2007


you felt like you were meant to wait awhile as there was a Aquarium for you to look at. The fishes looked fairly bored and exhibited, at times, fairly anti-social behavior.

Wet Floor

Sitting around

This kid sat with a horribly mangled ankle, he was wearing a football uniform and had the face of a ten year old.

This guy looked like that guy from Hero

Sitting in the Waiting Room

Sat in the MRI office for 3+ hours and just drew as I waited with my mother. It had its grim moments but, by and large, watching people is always interesting.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drunks at night

This is a guy drinking in a bar, I cannot actually say if the person was drunk

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random images from 2004 sketchbook (IV)

An entirely random and somewhat fanciful look at revelers and drinkers at the Velvet Underground, on a cold night a few years back.

Random images from 2004 sketchbook (III)

More "C" things (see below), Mark Twain nee Samuel Clemens.

Random images from 2004 sketchbook (II)

This sketch was an idea for (yet another) uncompleted idea. I wanted to have a massive piece of artwork which would include a multitude of characters and places, the only link between all these characters would be that they are all found within one volume of an encyclopedia, remember those things?
So in this mini 2 page spread you see Christian X (of Norway, no relation to Malcolm X) Saint Christopher with the heavy baby Jesus, the shores of county Cork, a Carp fish, and various Americans brought to China to quell the Boxer revolt.

Random images from 2004 sketchbook (I)

Busy Morning at Melriches

Who were they?

Sitting outside the VAG, the Vancouver Art Gallery that is, I noticed this couple. I had just been walking around the Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping's show- it was amazing. I stepped out to get some air and noticed this couple, they looked fascinating. The guy had this "pissed off smoker" look and the lady was awkwardly moving in a wheelchair. They seemed like they went through a car accident or similar traumatic event together. The muscles of his back were taut with what seemed like either anger or apathy if that is possible.

The words of the Prophets are written on the...

Bean Around the World Coffee

No, i don't do crappy puns. That is the name of a coffee chain, this location on Granville was full of cool staff, two of which are drawn here, the woman in the extreme lower right foreground and the manager in the striped shirt.

Local talent

There are many interesting people that i was able to observe and sketch. Melriches is a coffee shop downtown that has this amazing cross-section of people and cool staff.
This guy is from Yorkshire and probably has had more coffee than he needs for several lifetimes, one high strung Mother scratcher.
I cannot remember all the details but he wanted Blair and the entire parliament brought up on trial and i think he was a conspiracy type.

Otherwise, really sweet.

Vancouver by Sketch

We were talking about Vancouver and after suggesting a few places for a friend to go, it made me nostalgic and I looked through a recent sketchbook all done in Vanny's 10,000 coffee shops.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Imaginary Cabaret and Spiegel cast

Old people in the front reading ancient books

These people were hard to believe. They had seats right at the front, before the show they argued like crazy while gesticulating madly at this canvas bag, which time revealed, was full of dusty books.

Books so dusty that the guy with glasses blew away what he could in a dramatic flourish.
I really thought they would have had pickled eggs in the bag.

What do I know?

the Drummer

Da Da Dahling

More musicians

the Rumoli Bros

The Piano has been drinking and sleepin'

brad, le M.C.

the bassist

Brad reads the paper

Bass and Trumpet

a couple of characters


This has a Toulouse-Lautrec feel, i think

Oh, the Ladies.