Wednesday, January 05, 2011

People selling junk

These people were like hippie tourists selling braids and crap like that. You could smell people did not wash, camped a lot and thought the rave scene in The Matrix 2 was HOT...Yikes, tres yikes.

San Telmo Market Painting III

I would like to show the whole thing at once, but it is just too long. You ever at the studio, remind me and I'll show you.

San Telmo Market Painting II

Here I moved to the area where people sell dreadful paintings or photos. On the left a tourist lady, on the right a aforementioned artist, this guy was from the States and was talking about Alien landings.....

San Telmo Market Painting

Using the Japanese fold out Moleskine, I sat at the San Telmo antique market and ink sketched a long flowing record of a few hours, as people walked in front of me, like this woman's butt, they just got added into the record.