Friday, August 22, 2014

Out Drawing on Bloor Street Before Getting Soaked

As always, a long pause from making posts, and never a great reason except the drawings and art making are few and far between.

Anyhoo, here are a few drawings I made the other night at Mark Laliberte's art hootenany held at the Rustic Owl over by Bloor and Dovercourt.

The last time I did any drawing I was interested in making marks on old paper so I tried that with this old cerlox bound ukelele book in French my mom used to use as a teaching guide. I have accepted that although I am 43 and prime for learning uke at an evening event in a coffee shop, this holds little interest for me, let alone in French, so surplus paper with musical context galore. 

Mostly I was clearing the cob webs and chatting with Mr.Larry as per. 

Rustic Owl is a great place with sandwiches, yes they are yummy but no beer it being a coffee shop, so to that end, to 3 Speed I went to quaff a beer. Lots of people, but holy fuck, so much plaid. I honestly was trying to remember if it was Kurt Cobain week on Discovery Channel!

I was doing this fast drawing from the bar in the dark and the more I looked the more the plaid would reveal itself, this defacto clothing item on guys and they always look like they need a wash. 

Anyways, that beer took up enough time for me to leave and get uber soaked from Dufferin all the way home on the bike.