Sunday, January 26, 2014

Upcoming work for The Artist Project

I shot a bunch of work this summer with the Holga camera, some of which was on the water or just rural Ontario.

This picture is from Lake Magnetawan, the water there had a great amount of pond lillies, by the edge where it starts to be still. We went for a canoe ride and also found these melon shaped plants below the surface of the water, interesting but not necessarily something to photograph.

I have been using a variety of old film in the camera, about the 2003 vintage when professional photographers started dumping film en masse and I would be getting these left over rolls from people who had made the leap to digital. I think this is Kodak 100T, T for colour balanced for tungsten lighting. Everything is super blue to balance out the yellow of indoor lighting. This is yellow orange due to the scanning and I think I love it. 

So I am trying to get a bunch of work ready for The Artist Project which is February 20-23, please try to come by, there will be a few hundred artists of different stripes.