Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Airport Cafe

Again with the waiting, this time waiting on a plane.

Love playing with a fat tipped marker, lots of edges to draw with especially when you have the right kind of paper.

Waiting Room

I saw these people about a month back, would have preferred to use the inkling digital file to post but the dang thing doesn't work, I had to order a new battery...we shall see.

looking at this now my interest in drawing the central character exaggerated her scale. I really liked the way that guy on the left was leaning back, he looked like he should be on a porch somewhere- like he had been sitting there for days.

I guess that is how you feel sometimes in a waiting room, might as well be comfy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Throng of men at the Airport

These guys looked like they were having a last meal together, definitely the end of a trip or an experience together, all seemed a bit worn around the edges.

Automatic TV Sketching

I was watching Annie Hall, haven't really seen it in years-the movie depressed me more than anything else.

After much stress, drawings from Atlanta

A simple thought: I'm up why not scan some sketchbook drawings. 

Foolish idea. 

As it turns out, if its 4 in the morning and the scanner isn't working, you really are lacking the capacity to trouble shoot the thing. 

Or you can, but it will take you to almost 6am. 

I digress, here is a picture of my brother working on some files in Atlanta in April