Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cabbagetown Nuit Blanche

The Cabbagetown Nuit Blanche will be here on the evening of October 3rd, where all should come to the park and help us find the fabled Cabbagetown Monster- not seen since 1979. Last seen, Ernest said he had glowing red eyes...who is Ernest? come to Riverdale farm and check us out, we have torches to help find the critter.

here is some places for more info:

Cabbagetown Nuit Blanche

Main Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche Info

Mushroom Paintings and High Style

Hey if you have a second, check out November's copy of Style at Home magazine. In the High/Low section, you'll see two of my paintings, of mushrooms....what do you want from me, it pulled the room together.

I'll put some images of that up soon.