Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Week to Go!

The Artist Project opens in about a weeks time, where did all the time go?  I think I will be ready though.

Here is another new image I have a small sample of at the show

We are getting ready, if you plan to attend, please drop by booth 119.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Saatchi competition

Yes, the In Glorious Colour completion on Saatchi, could it have a cheesier name? No. Will I ask you to vote...yes, it closes tonight.

Here is a different crop, as shot in 2008 with Canadian Living, by Mr. Fantastic himself, Stacey Brandford ( no, he doesn't have greying temples or stretchy arms but he really is a great guy ) 

The submission is just a small portion of the negative as shot with a Yashica twin lens, I was trying for something I had more control over the focus, it's a very different effect from the Holga.

Thanks again to those who vote or take the time to look.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Finally printing some Holga pictures from 2013

I like the feel of this piece, I feel a little lost, it reminds me of being a kid-amusement parks are so overwhelming and stimulating.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Drawing/ Illustrations

Flipping through a lot of old illustrations, there is a real elegance to the line work in old drawings. 

A guy from OCA would say that is due to pen and ink of the era and he might be right. Good ol' Roark, actually he really liked ink and brush if memory serves- our teacher just loved him, I think he used to blush.

I was looking at this drawing and I love not only the font for the word, but the way this drawer communicated the idea of "correspondence section", passing a letter
, A Boys Own Magazine circa 1915.

You are always welcome to come to the studio and flip through it yourself, standard fee applies: a coffee from the Jet.

Monday, February 03, 2014

These Two Jokers

Just took in the Warhol show at the Dali museum the other day in St. Petersburg...Andy is like Tupac, he is releasing more material dead than alive, and in Andy's case, that is an accomplishment.

Also, we have been listening to a lot of 60-70s oldie stations and hearing the power of Diana Ross' voice, amazing really. 

So, with those 2 in mind, I happened to notice this picture as for another Warhol show back in 2006 ( I guess he was dead for about 20 years at that point) as I was flipping through an old copy of Modern Painters at the studio. 

Still, there was some interesting sketches  at that Warhol show I saw, but you can't help thinking, especially in a Dali gallery, it's all about the money. 

Maybe with art that doesn't matter, to paraphrase a Diana Ross song, as long as it touches you in the morning.