Saturday, January 25, 2014

Florida Toll Booth

 I stopped to pay the toll and get my receipt, the guy working the booth was probably about 25, but in that 38 second transaction there was an entendre. There was a mutual head nod.

 I  looked at this guy and thought, this guy has this tough job in a night shift but he seemed like a nice kid, his forehead had a few big scars but he had this honest face with a wry smile.  These drawings don't really translate, I drew them many hours after I got home.

Yet again, I have pulled out the Wacom Inkling, this is the pen tool that allows you to draw in your sketchbook and then transfer your drawing into a digital file to manipulate in Photoshop or Illlustrator. The software is buggy and there has not been an update in 2 years as far as I can figure but it is a pretty neat device. 

The software prepares a mini movie of how the drawing was created, stroke by stroke, but it doesn't have a way for you to save it. I was going to make another movie using VLC for some other drawings I have made but I can't figure why the damn thing will not work and it is 5am.