Sunday, May 21, 2006


This image was shot in my bathroom when I lived on Pape Ave in Toronto. The books in the foreground are mainly older sketchbooks and they have a sense of personal history, hope, desire and at times, failures and reconciliation.

The black and white photos on the left were shot in a bar in London back in 1998, I felt alone and awkward in that place, my friends at the time being more adept at dancing and meeting people. Now, I walk by that same basement club every few days and I cannot help but remember those feelings.

The tub is in the background, with a skylight and a hanging candelabra, it may have been the best room I have ever had. Lots of late night salt baths with whiskey and my fur hat to stay warm. My father's moccasins obscure my semi-fictional diary account of two weeks as a single man in 2003, revealing and added a layer instead about my personal life in general.