Thursday, May 25, 2006

I dream of Rabbis

I was in this low dark room, there was a tall rabbi there who was constantly blowing his nose and making quite a production out of it. Later in the dream, he walked around this dark room with half-opened eyes, trying to bump into me with this wet handkerchief.

My real Rabbi, Rabbi Spero is a character and presides over the Minsk synagogue in Kensington Market. He often prays while he eats so you will see this small, bald and bearded man rocking from side to side while munching on a titanic piece of challah bread. One time a person came up to the rabbi, "Rabbi, I need to talk to you, I am really angry about something" Trying to eat a meal and balance the concerns of the congregation, the Rabbi responded "...(rocking)Wait ten minutes, if you are still angry in ten minutes, ..(swaying)I'll talk to you. If not,...(pitching from side to side)let it go."