Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Hay on Wye Festival

So I find myself in the VIP area at the Hay on Wye fest, sounds pretty good doesn't it?

Well, scratch the veneer and we see something quite different. The art monkey is completely sleep deprived, having slept on the floor for the past 2 days. The funny thing about authors and the VIP area is that you have no idea who half these people are, you know their words but not the way they look, they go about their movements with an air of celebrity but in some manner it seems to be metered, toned down as they are keenly aware of how hard it is for someone to recognize them.

If you also look closer at this veneer you will also a great amount of white powder, coke that is; Devil's dandruff. When you are naming drugs with stupid handles like that, you clearly need to be either in detox or working on new names for chupa chups products.

The creative community of greater London seems to rely on grotesque quantities of cocaine. In time that I have been here, I have just seen so much of it, degenerating to people snorting rails at 9am while shouting "the breakfast of champions!!!!"

What ever happened to Shreddies?

People, it is a school night, lets take it easy.