Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Doris 1978

My aunt and uncle were visiting from Paris, and as usual this meant a few things: 1) a mangy cut rate gift (cut me some slack, I was 7 and focused. They actually came empty handed and bought me one of those rubber sharks that were all the rage after Jaws. Purchased, of course from Hobby Toyland, the local hobby shop) 2) giving up my bedroom, which meant I had to take down my marvel comic-CN tower colouring sheets. Imagine! Thor standing on the restaurant of the tower, sloppily coloured, down for a month and never to return. 3) The ubiquitous trip to Niagara falls "Tu te rende de counte?" is about all they said.

About a week and a half ago I went to see Doris again after 7 years. She is about 86 and very frail. Going there for me was a big deal particularily because I went by Eurostar through the chunnel, and Da Vinci Code tie-in aside, there is very little security on that mofo. I just keep waiting for everything to go black, sudden stop and the icy cold water to start filling the compartment.

So, like I said, Aunt, old, husband died a few months ago thus went to see her. She fell on him, she broke her arm, he broke his leg. He had serious surgery and did not recover. It was a difficult visit and before I left, I asked her if she wanted anything, to which she replied "mon mari"

What could I say?