Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working at the Studio

I thought I would just include this shot from my phone of the wall opposite where I am painting at the studio, it is a bit of a wall of inspiration, its a bit of an 80s phenom true enough, but hey, Avedon's house was full of walls that had things pinned to it, and if its good enough for Richard Avedon...

So as you look across this mess, you will see your obligatory amount of postcards, there is a beautiful Elizabethan tunic/dress thingy from the V&A, its something to see in real life, really.

There are also a great deal of studies I have done over the years of GIJoe figures, and a C3P0 from a painting I destroyed a few years ago, I could not destroy this figure it looked pretty great. It was a very personal painting, and I was never too happy with it, done at my old shared studio on Niagara St, Jeez the utterly un-fond memories of that place, most of which are foul smell related, those who visited me there will remember my roommate...

Other highlights: a postcard of a Hans Belmer sculpture I saw in France in 2009, Koons' Michael and Bubbles, and a watercolour of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin from a photo by Helmut Newton. I started the painting and realised it was not watercolour paper but archival computer photo paper, interesting texture actually.

Oh, by the way, I found a link to Richard Avedon's house in NYC, take the tour, the place is amazing. Click here.