Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upcoming Exhibition at Loop

So as the deadline to the new show approaches, there was a mention of it in Toronto Life this week. It has a grotesque photo of some sandwich meat...I eat beef and it looks gross to me.

Anyways, the pressure is mounting so I hope you can make it to the show, I think its going to be great, my exhibition partner Larry Eisenstein were talking about it, we are really excited to see how the work will play off each other, it is so much better if there is a type of inter play between the work rather than a room where two shows are happening at the same time.

If your eyes cannot read that or you do not want to click the picture, here is what it says:

Eric Farache
This photographer is best known for his take on the urgencies of city life, but his sketchbooks are testimony to febrile imagination. Life Lessons, a show of watercolour and ink paintings, approaches the torments and joys of boyhood with verve and nerve.

That is me, people, Verve.

Our show runs from April 30th to May 22, 2011. Please come, there will, as always, be cheese*. Our opening/vernissage is still being determined.

*this offer is only good for the opening, please do not show up on a Wednesday at 4pm and demand cheese, it is childish and demeans us both.