Monday, November 13, 2006

The streets of San Francisco

These shots were taken much earlier this year, I guess around late February or early March. I had been working for the same place for about 5 years and i just had my falling down moment, i just bought a ticket online one night and then on a sunday called in and said i would not be coming in on monday, actually not at all as i was going to california 'to sort some things out..."

Who the fuck sorts out things in california? " I just want to sort out my fake tan... my excessive tribal tattoo or how blonde my hair is..." -these are things you sort out in CA.

San Francisco was my first stop, I liked biking around the city, i mainy stuck to the flatter streets and i know that makes me a cop-out but i just had a few days.

Anyways, with my Holga, I shot these panoramic images in the core of the city. I had just rode into this area and i felt pretty hyper trying to keep up with a crew of cyclists and couriers.

I felt so Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver!