Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photographic Finds

Went to an collectable and hobby show for old cameras.

My idea was to get an (yet another) old camera or maybe find something for my girlfriend. In the end, i ended up getting really taken by a booth which had stereoscopic photos from WW1 and some old photos from the 30's to the 60's.

The first two images here are daguerreotypes of two men who I wondered if they were rogues, upstanding men or peasants- or all of the above perhaps.

All the stereotypes I picked up were related to either WW1 or the Boer War. There were hundreds of images of destroyed buildings, craters in the french countryside and US g.i.s pracitising drills.

The pictures from the 30s and later seemed more touching to me as we know that more than likely these pictures, which were taken in a personal capacity have all come to sale as people passed away. Surely, almost all the people pictured were already deceased, seemed almost a bit morbid to be dealing in other people's memories.

Lastly, it was a bit creepy but I had to pick up a couple of mug shots from the early 40s, this guy looked the most suspicious of the bunch.

Oh sure, you had a regular assortment of leather necked somewhat brutish looking youths but this guy, Hersch no less, had a real air of professionalism about him.