Monday, November 13, 2006

Post October

The month of October seems to have slipped through my fingers with narry a update on this blog, a serious problem!

So, for the past few months I have been doing a large amount of Photo-Assisting, it is a strange job at times: there has been times where i was being paid to colour in a colouring book that was to be included into a shot; picked leaves off of autumn trees as the fake leaves we brought looked too "fake"; held a strobe light outside of a plane on the tarmac at 1am to get light along the windows to having a photographer sit on my shoulders in a vineyard before the light disappeared.

Here, is a small sample of the average day on the shot:

Here I am, holding a colour correction card in front of yes, a trampoline, the benefits of a catalogue shot. In between shots, i had a couple of good jumps and a light relaxing snooze in the Dora the Explorer version.

It maybe hard to see me, but there i am holding on to the photographic equailvalent of a parasail: Foamcore. This item is important to cut down on reflections on shiny objects like cars, but man when that thing catches the wind, its 4x8 feet of hang time.

I thought I looked a bit like that image of 'kilroy was here'

And lastly, those fashion product shots are not all serious affairs.