Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A view of the my exhibition, Remnants.

Well first thing, I changed the name of the show at Jet Fuel, no biggie really.

It communicates more about what these things are and how the relate to a life. Here is an excerpt of the diatribe:

These pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia: perhaps not for the items themselves but for the time and place that they come from and for the way the user viewed themselves at that time.

They had some sense of importance for a period of time, and entered a repository for that which we could not part with: at that time and after wards, each had some vague sense of personal value. In short, these items represent a time in a life.

If we place the artifacts that represent a short period of a life in the right order, can we recreate a life?

What remains of that life when the life itself has ended?

The wall reads left to right: Childhood, Teenager, burgeoning Sexuality, Adulthood and Senior.

I want to say thanks to the photographer Norm Betts who took this terrific photo in segments and pieced it all together, and brought me a print for the opening, that was Rad.

Please click on the photo to blow it up and check out all the goodies, my personal fav may be the poem entitled "US" my brother's first girlfriend wrote for him (or is that them?), man it is terrible.