Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blog Blogged.

Well the show went up, and nothing has crashed on anyone's head which is terrific.

We had a grand opening, despite someone nicking my bottle of Gin and my friends trying to get a beer for nephew who is obviously a minor.

Yup, there was some press even, well ok, a blog guy. He does a blog on people's fashion, figures I was wearing my brother's Valentino jacket, now I can hear about how great that jacket is- I know its a great jacket.

Actually, the sweater in this picture was a gift from a friend, on my 16th birthday, 23 years ago...ack, at least it fits. Sarah made me this scarf which I love as it is half her wool and half this ancient wool that had sat in with my mom's wool bins for 40+ years. The colours are so similar, unless you look closely.

here is the website


Have a look at this bloated picture of me and laugh at the review which characterizes my project as " an explosion of Geekdom"