Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sad sights

I spent the day in marrakech doing nothing but walking around. In the evening I was eating in the place djelma el-fna, the intense main square and I noticed a Berber woman I gave some money to yesterday, I gave her money for her boy who looked like the spittingvimage of my friends son. This time I was taken a back as she had blood streaming down her mouth. There were other women there all engaged in a huge arguement, not like maybe they were excited and in another language, it was an arguement with pushing. I was mystifyed but knew there was nothing I could do, even if I tried, it ain't like I live here. Dejected, I walked away then as I came around the square I saw a white truck, loaded with all ethnic berbers. It was terrible, and to see women and children holding onto wire grates on the inside of this van made me sick- it was dehumanizing for them and revolting to see it.

The excuses the people gave were just ignorant and these poor kids were crying.

"they were bothering people" if you come here you will know how funny that is, everyone is annoying and after a few days you want to punch the guy who wants to sell you coucous, shoes, cigarettes, sunglasses, etc. It was just over vendor territory but good grief was it hideous.