Friday, August 25, 2006

Miss Anne

Had one of those lovely summer evening moments- biking eastbound toward Parliament Street, I saw Anne biking in the opposite direction. i turned around and accompanied her to Kensington Market. Chatting the whole time, riding side by side in the bike lane like outlaws, yeah bad asses.

Anne is an amazing singer with the band John Ray and the River The band was on tour for a month on the west coast and it is great to see Anne again! She has this great voice even when she speaks, its sounds like it comes from the back of her vocal cords-it just seems that way, don't ask me. Her and the band gave a concert over at The Boat (a former Portugeuse Restau where my friend's girl was harassed by the waiter for not eating her salad) in Kensington Market on New Year's Eve, that concert was "fuck-you-up" good. Between them, the one bartender who over-poured and Kids on TV, the floor was shaking and the energy was out of control.

I digress,

We biked west and chatted, when we headed south on Bellevue I could her the NFB's amazing cartoon, Log driver's Waltz-( biked up and caught the end of a video presentation in the park over by Augusta and Dension Square.

This cartoon was one of my most favorite 5 minutes in the CBC's saturday morning cartoon line-up, along with 'the wonderful world of Professor Kitzel' Naturally. I would have the time precisely memorized, turn the immense dial on the black and white Admiral console TV from The Harlem Globe Trotters to channel 5, watch " whirling down and round the white waters, thats where a log driver learns to step lightly is whirling down and round the white waters, a log driver won't please his girl comp-lete-ly..." (not sure what those last words mean)then return to bad late 1970s US programing.

I digress.


This picture was taken on Christmas day 2005 when Jet Fuel is open for the morning for free coffee and booze. The place is full of good cheer and moonshine. Anne is a recent retiree of the Jet killer morning shift, so she is used to the manic morning pace. I snapped this shot as she whipped by adjusting the iTunes and lattes.

Well, that is pretty much all that I had
that was all that I had
that was all that I had
when the water washed away, that was all that i had
well it wasn't that bad
well it wasn't that bad
At the end of the day,

That was all that I... had