Sunday, August 27, 2006


Clerics in the Iranian parliament, slowly and totally bringing the army, civil service and the media under their control.

You think the "Chad" scenario of the 2000 election was bad? In 1980, the ballots in the Iranian presidential election were blank and were left to a local mullah to fill out, as the illiteracy rate at the time was 50%.

Burgundy wine is how I would describe my brother's wainscoting details, which serve as a background colour for this image. The wainscoting was an important detail in his room, as it effectively framed his Led Zeppelin (in concert) mural-figures were slightly larger than life size although, if the truth be known, I alwalys felt that John Paul Jones always looked stiff and a little small in the right corner. Mr. JP Jones does kinda look like that in real life: He played with King Crimson at Massey Hall back in 2001...I was working at the hall at the time, what a crew of freaks in the auidence.

Ok Ok, all you Led Zeppelin fans chill out, that does not mean I don't like them. I know they played one date in Toronto at the Masonic temple, JPJ had a Richenbacher blah blah blah, he is a bassist-need I say more?

Oh, as for King Crimson-whatever.