Sunday, March 19, 2006

from failing hands, the torch is thrown

Looking through some image files, I came across this image of Point Loma near San Diego in 2003. Along one side of the point runs a military cemetary. Back in April 2003, i was shocked and saddened to see freshly placed headstones that declared " IRAQ" as the place of death for these 3 young men. Now, three years and over 2000 US soldiers and countless Iraqis dead, it is beyond saddening, it is fustrating, maddening and seems at times, almost futile.

With this image of the cemetary in my mind's eye, i spoke to Tom on the bus after the Bush press conference. Tom is a 80 year old pensioner in Santa Monica who noticed how Mr. Bush spoke, using words like 'victory' sparringly and emplyed words like 'progress' often.

Tom, also mentioned that when Mr. Bush came to power, we used to call him George Dubya but he has lied so much, we just call him Flip.

I say things are almost futile at times, because talking to a man like Tom, a war veteran who speaks out against the president's office wherever he can (even on the Bus) reminds me that people are speaking out against the maddness.