Tuesday, March 14, 2006

camp pendelton gently rumbles

today i write from just outside of camp pendelton, near Oceanside CA. The sites are amazing-one is reminded at all turns that this is a military town! Whether it is the marine flag waving, what must be (i hope) the only computer shop with military in its title, the florist with the USMC's motto as a name or the 'we support our troops' signs conspiciously placed outside of toyota dealerships hoping for an elusive sale from a private. You now know you have landed in Jarhead-ville.

Helicopters rumble past all day, sometimes in groups of two, apparently these are just a few of the noises in this area. I have yet to hear the firing of arms which is quite common, but i have been treated to the shrill sound of boys leaving the base on crotch rockets aka motorcycles. Yes, and I have already witnessed a guy riding a Ninja like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, perhaps being ironic?