Friday, March 23, 2012

NOW magazine

It seems a bit odd, but here is me in a photo shoot.

Well, that is me in the background anyways. For Fashion week, Now Magazine, created a shoot with the idea of the "artist and muse"....Look, I was just drawing not making up the ideas.

You can see the story on Now Magazine's website

The fashion influences the way you draw I guess, these earrings and tight hairline made me think of a flapper.

It did give me a great chance to draw the model, Queenette.

I feel like there is always a great tension when drawing a person, focusing on their muscle and structure and, at the same time, giving attention to the clothes as well.

It was also really interesting for me, someone who is not in the fashion world to have a bit of an outsider perspective on the clothing styles.

Give me a break, she was 6 foot 1 and wearing heels!