Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The new issue of Modern Painters

You ever tried to kill time by going into a magazine shop? Sure you have but perhaps not lately, honestly you should make the time. We always hear that print is dead and it probably is, but you walk into something as simple as Presse International on College St, and I really thought it was just awesome how many magazines are left, there was some great stuff.

Like many people, I get a lot of Art info off the web, but holding a copy of Modern Painters, why it is the bomb. The cover has a very specific texture and smell, the colour rendition in the magazine is terrific. My interest is not nostalgic, although I used to always order the magazine when I ran a camera store, knowing it would not sell and I would get to take them home, this magazine, this thing, places art and its contents in a world of its own, I loved it, all over again.

This November issue is full of a fairly diverse content, there is a small interview with Maurizio Cattelan talking about his retrospective at the Guggenheim (it is a mounting of his sculptures hanging from the centre of the gallery) and an article on the painter Michael Borremans, some people will really enjoy his style of painting. The artist Byron Kim, director Julia Leigh , writer and Director of Sleeping Beauty are also featured.

Can you find more content online? Absolutely, but there is something great and altogether optimistic about buying a magazine seeing what is featured, wondering about how some truly bad art has the money to advertise, all that good stuff.

So this holiday season, whatever your interest, treat yourself.

you can read about that Guggenheim show here