Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy to be over the couch

Years ago, my friend from OCAD Margaret had this idea to sell artwork with the couch in mind, I think I was joking and added that you should sell art with 2 cans of paint and a whack of colour swatches, flying in the face of artistic doctrine, but hey it was 1993 and we were wild then, everyone hanging out at the Beverly tavern on Queen St West, watching Steve Anthony come in between scenes on Much Music to have a number of drinks and head back to being live on air.

Mayhaps the memory is all cloudy, Margaret will probably say it was all her idea, or deny the whole thing, either way she is probably right.

Anyways, I got this sent to me today. Yep, this is now in the home of an architect in the city and I feel pretty good about that. This is one of the pieces that went out of the studio in the past week that made me get into the work space and since I have been conspiring ways to get back there to do some work ( and subsequently assaulted by the cigar smell from the guy below, the renos to the unit south of me and the guy in the back laneway who is insanely dedicated to playing dreadful drumming all day long, so very dedicated...)

SO, it is pretty awesome to see something you had a hand in hanging in someone's living environment, it is a hell of a compliment.

This picture was shot on a sunny day in Paris back in 2006. I was only there for 48 hours, it was a tough trip for me, I went to pay my respect to relatives who were recently deceased and to see other relatives who I knew would be gone before I had a chance to come back. It was the first time I stayed in a hotel (what you would expect) in Paris as I always stayed with relatives, now there were no more of them.

Back in Toronto looking at these multiple exposed sculptures made me think of The Three Graces, this was is just on the lawns around the Louvre. It also reminds me of a B&W photo I've seen on a postcard looking up past 3 sculptures of women to see 3 helicopters, I combed the inter web for awhile but no luck. I really wanted that to be here on this post as I noticed in the bottom of this pic there looks to be a model of a Huey or some other transport copter.