Monday, April 25, 2011

The Studio is a Mess as we near the deadline...

Well, Larry and I are getting ready for our show at Loop, and as anyone knows, before a deadline you go a little crazy. Actually, I cannot speak for Larry, but for me, I make a hell of a mess. This morning its taken me 2 hours to get ready to do any work.

Looking at this first picture, the studio looks better than it really is. Stuff is everywhere, sure you have your copies of Penthouse everywhere but you also have the random conch shells, GIJoe action figures, miniature clothing, watercolour supplies, magazines, sketchbooks from the past 10 years and whole lot of record albums as I have no good music at this time so its all Fleetwood Mac and Noel Coward live at Las Vegas.

...its a bit much really.

Here is a view of the wall opposite of my desk, I took down a ton of reference imagery and just left a few postcards. Below that, some paintings which are for the show and small sketches which will be framed for the show.

oh, and a faux Dutch Delft clock plate. My Mom got this in 1985 in Amsterdam, we were let down to see that it was plastic not porcelain- we should have known, my mom bought a amethyst stone in Amsterdam in 1977 and it was a fake when she went to have it appraised. The Dutch I tell you.

Anyways, look forward to seeing as many people as possible on Saturday, please come, we will have beer and cheese.