Friday, July 23, 2010

Upcoming Projects

My show has just gone up at Loop Gallery and yet, what is the next thing I'm working on?

A few things I guess. One, is a group of photos I took when we were in Buenos Aires in January of this year. We were staying near the Once (pronounced ON Say) district which is the Jewish part of town. For those who don't know, Buenos Aires has a massive thriving Jewish community and has one of the last daily Yiddish newspapers left and the only Kosher Mcdonald's outside of Israel.

I guess those are the obvious things about the Once area, the lesser known aspects is the tight knit nature of the area, the incredible old buildings-ancient bars that seem to have the original bartenders working and residential apartments which are also serve as houses of worship for entire congregations. Also the area is sandwiched in with a wholesale area that dealt in everything from obvious (textiles) to the lesser so (catholic religious icons)

Lots of pics to follow, for the moment have a look at this one.

This door leads to one such place of worship. I liked these 2 chicas who were talking loudly outside as I was standing there.

And for the hell of it, the Kosher McDonald's in Abasto shopping mall.