Saturday, August 01, 2009

Long Time Comin'...

I thought I would log in an entry while the workers next door bash the crap out of the adjacent apartment, ...serenity now.

I decided to put this picture up on the blog, I drew it in 1994 0r 95. I say drew as it is oil stick on top of oil pastels on paper. I suppose it was to be a study for a another piece but it was rather large and the other drawing/painting was never completed- instead this is what started my 'urban architecture' series of that era which continued until I re-entered college in 1998.

(wow, 19__ really looks good and carries more weight than 20__. so take that 2012 and shove it)

This drawing/painting was severely damaged and I recently restored it, something I am very happy to have accomplished, so now it sits on the wall next to my computer.