Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whitby Memories

I found this image in the back corner of my hard drive. I shot this around 3 years ago this month in Whitby at the mental hospital. At this time some of the dramatic main building were already being demolished. This building was near to the road and had seen its share of fires and tom foolery.

This image was shot with a 1930s bellows kodak pocket camera. I worked for days on the insides of this camera with my friend's dewalt power tool to fit modern 120 film. The Neg is roughly 6cmX9cm. I use the term roughly as the retro fit I made did not hold the film firmly and the entire film was exposed each time, no rebate.

Last time I went out to Whitby, maybe 6 months after this photo, the entire place was gone. Including all the underground passageways.
I have not been back since, no reason to.