Thursday, March 22, 2007

CN tower

I was talking to my friend Richelle Forsey who is a photo lady involved in various organizations across the city from the Twin Lens Club to Toronto photo groups on Flickr. We were talking about the Nuit Blanche from a few months ago and the opportunity to shoot from the SkyLab Observatory.

One of her picture were accepted and will be featured at the CN tower during Contact...check it out in May.

Mine, on the other hand, were not. So, i thought i would post them here, cause they will not be doing anything in May. The images were shot with a Holga camera and then sandwiched with 4X5 black and white negatives of myself and my father's hands.

The city was so dark and foggy at 4am when i was in the tower, it started to look like a mess and to me, took on the look on television static.