Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Protest Song

This series of images were taken 2 days after the Iraq war started. March 22nd, 2003 an anti-war rally was organised in Toronto and that is when I discovered that the opposite of war was not in fact peace, but anger, rage, and a litany of jingo-istic catchy slogans on placards. The first image being the case in point.

What does this image really mean? It is obvious what it implies, but if you really dissect this image, does it imply these people in power believe in a Hindu good luck symbol? That is no more silly then their alliance to the third Reich, or gasp....Are they part of the emerging fourth Reich???

whether it was creepy riot police with their own slogans like " leave the area immediately, Tear Gas will be deployed" " think of your children, leave the area" to people getting children to hold up their ideology, slogans, a massive ad campaign.

All a bit much really, so I thought till OCAP came and made the protest violent...Wasn't this an anti-war (thus anti-violence) protest? I thought as pieces of 2x4 hurled through the air, fell short of police and hit other protesters.

Odd to me was a sign saying that coke heads should not be president....Should we do away with social and rehabilation programs?????? what was going on in this weird crew?

I just got the hell out of there, and had a nap.